Witam MFO is an established as provider of wealth management for those who prefer a more discrete and bespoke service than that offered by the private bank platforms.


We continuously work with a substantial network of specialist wealth management experts in law, banking and investment for domestic and cross border issues.

The 6 wealth planning specialists within Witam MFO have a long experience of private family wealth matters, both of a French and an international dimension, which naturally includes optimal structures. Such know-how well suits VHNW and HNW clients.


Our financial approach consists of 3 distinct steps: wealth management strategy, portfolio construction and on-going reporting. These stages build a usefull  close collaboration between the client and his advisor, and inevitably create a sense of deep mutual understanding. In addition, Witam MFO draws upon the expertise of its partner WiseAM, which is a regulated portfolio management company (regulated by AMF under the N° GP 11000028).

Witam MFO was born out of the merger of two wealth management advisory firms: Witam, formed in 1996, and GFP in 2006;


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